The purpose of a team is to carry out specific tasks and goals. As a dental assistant, you and your fellow dental assistants may jointly manage the reception area, the supply room, or cover shifts for each other. Trust and a sense of responsibility to the team prompts team members to go to extra lengths to perform and not let their team members down.

All team members must uphold their responsibilities and assistance to the team. Anyone not holding up their end will soon be evident to everyone else. Because of the varying types of knowledge represented by the team, there has to be a clear role for everybody, and everybody has to contribute. If you ever find yourself lacking commitment to your team, failing to take accountability, or find yourself not caring about the outcomes, ask yourself if you are in the right job or if you are getting burned out. Then take steps to resolve the problem right away. You have personal control over how seriously you live up to your commitments to your team.

Naturally, your job is to do your part, gladly and collaboratively. Unfortunately, teams can and will experience troubles from time to time. Use some of the conflict resolution and communication skills you’ve mastered along the way.