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During the lecture and clinical training of our course, we coach our students to prepare for an interview and help sharpen up their resume for their future employment. We encourage your practice to participate in this portion of our program. By using our job posting capabilities, your practice will have exposure to a bank of qualified personnel to choose from in the dental industry.

Please submit any job openings for dental assistants or dental receptionists below.

Upon submission, you authorize Midwest Dental Assistants School the right to edit the listing for grammar and post the job description to our online job board. You acknowledge that your listing will be available to be viewed on our site for up to four weeks. Job postings are not instantaneous, and may take up to 48 hours from the time you submit the availability to when they become visible on our site. MDAS is not a staffing agency and will not actively search for candidates to fill your posted openings. Midwest Dental Assistants School will not act as a liaison between your practice and the potential hire from our school, responding to your ad. Each applicant will submit their resume and application directly to the dental office who posted the advertisement. This is simply a job posting board made available to our students and others who are searching for dental assistant and/or dental receptionist positions.

Midwest Dental Assistants School will not be held liable for the type, quantity or quality of the responses you may receive from posting your job openings on our job board.