Behind Every Great Dentist is a Great Dental Assistant

Behind most dentists, there is a hard working dental assistant. Acting as the Robin to their Batman, the mac to their cheese, or the floss to their toothbrush, a dental assistant’s role is vital to dentists’ every day routines. Dental assistants... Read More

Dental Assistant Needed

SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Assists the Dentist(s) and Dental Hygienist(s) in procedures and works as a productive team member. • Prepare, clean and set up operatories for patient appointments. • Registers patients for appointments... Read More

Alternative Career Paths for Dental Assistants

Think dental assisting in a private practice is your only option? Think again! Most dental assistants are satisfied to work their entire career in private practices. But for those assistants who want to travel off the beaten path, the profession... Read More