About Midwest Dental Assistants School

Midwest Dental Assistants School, Inc. (MDAS) offers the finest technology and equipment for student training and is staffed with qualified, approved instructors. Our programs consist of Dental Assisting and Dental Administration courses. Each course is taught in a private state-of-the-art dental facility with the latest in modern dental technology. We put an emphasis on the “hands-on” training with 80% of the program devoted to clinical/lab training. Upon graduation, students will have the knowledge and skills to be a key player in any dental office.


With low cost tuition and many convenient financing options, Midwest Dental Assistants School is practical and affordable.


Unlike a four-year or even a two-year degree, that requires time and effort to attend classes that are not career specific, Midwest Dental Assistants School focuses on the knowledge and experience to succeed as a dental assistant. This accelerates the course study, making it possible to graduate in as little as fifteen weeks.


Lectures and labs are typically one night a week. Clinicals are schedule around each student’s availability. This allows students who desire to work, to continue to work with out any interference from their education. This also affords students to schedule around important activities in their private lives.

Student Testimonials

  • “Just wanted to thank you for the great experience I had at Midwest DA. You made me realize that I do have what it takes to be a dental assistant. I absolutely love where I’m at, and could never have made it without you! I cannot thank you enough. You and your program turned my entire outlook around. You have so much compassion for your students, and want what’s best for them!” – Destinee from Omaha, NE

    Thank for the great experience!

  • “Your student was so quick to meld with our office’s pace, very skilled. Impressed by her dental knowledge. We hired your student after her externship.” – Holly from Dr. Ogunleye’s office

    Student had Impressive Knowledge!

  • “Refreshing to have a student placed within the dental office that already has knowledge of the inner workings of the dental office. Very impressed by Midwest Dental Assistants School’s training. We hired your student out of her externship.” – Kayla from Dr. Sweeney’s office


    Very Impressed!