Think dental assisting in a private practice is your only option? Think again! Most dental assistants are satisfied to work their entire career in private practices. But for those assistants who want to travel off the beaten path, the profession offers out-of-the-ordinary career opportunities, too. Working in nontraditional practice settings isn’t for everyone. But dental assistants with the right skills and attitudes may find some of these alternative career options can provide them with gratifying, enriching experiences.

Public Health

Dental assistants who work in public health provide services to marginalized populations in the community. In addition to assisting dentists, dental assistants in public health careers educate individuals about proper oral healthcare. That includes delivering presentations to community groups and at health fairs on topics like brushing, nutrition and tooth decay.

Armed Forces

The military offers dental assistants the prospect to serve their country and see the world. With U.S. military bases positioned across the globe, dental assistants in the military provide care to soldiers and their families. They also get the possibility to work with dental teams that treat remote communities around the world.

Dental Sales

Some dental assistants put their extensive knowledge of the profession to work as dental sales representatives. After all, they have a profound understanding of a dental office’s requirements and the dental assistant’s key role in the practice. Dental sales representatives keep dental practices up to date about innovative equipment, technologies, and supplies. They also instruct and educate the dental team members on how to use the products efficiently.

Do any of these career paths interest you?