Behind most dentists, there is a hard working dental assistant. Acting as the Robin to their Batman, the mac to their cheese, or the floss to their toothbrush, a dental assistant’s role is vital to dentists’ every day routines.

Dental assistants play an essential part in providing patient care and delivering an exceptional experience. From preparing for procedures to following up with patients after treatment, dental assistants are key players. Often called mind readers, they are helpful and observant of patient and team needs. In the DALE Foundation survey mentioned above, 98% of dentists and dental office managers agreed that effective dental assistants contribute to team synergy and make all team members more effective. In addition, 97% agreed that dental assistants contribute to patient retention.

So, there you have it. A dental assistant, in the very least, is the dentist’s go-to for tasks including lab work, record keeping and instrument sterilization, supplying patients with instructions on how to care for their teeth and comfort by listening to patient needs and anxieties.