Summary: The dental assistant is a member of the dental team whose primary responsibility is to assist the dentist in providing dental patient care. The employee will assist with professional dental work to a population whose oral health needs are advanced, and the procedures will be of greater difficulty. Essential Responsibilities and Duties: • Assists the dentist(s) chair side in procedures and work as a productive team member. Anticipate the dentist’s needs at each stage of the treatment procedure by passing instruments, medications and materials. Use knowledge of standardized dental procedures in general dentistry to make preparations for and provide chair side assistance. Actively participate in the treatment procedure by retracting tissue, tongue and cheek, keep area of operation clear and preventing build-up of saliva and oral debris in patient’s mouth by the use of suction tip. • Complete tasks as assigned and directed by the dentist in responsible and timely matter. • Assist patient in completing medical history statements, review patient medical history, records examination and treatment information as relayed by dentist. • As directed by the dentist, remove sutures, apply topical anesthesia, desensitizing agents, medications and surgical gauze following extraction. • Place and contour temporary restorations. • Apply rubber dam and place cotton rolls to isolated operative site. • Take preliminary impression for study models and modify impressions trays as needed. Pour and trim models from impressions. Make custom impression trays. • Comply with infection control protocol. • Clean, sterilize and prepare all dental instruments. • Order supplies, maintenance of inventory and handle equipment problems as needed. • Clean and maintain the dental equipment as needed on a regular basis. • Set up operatories for different dental procedures. • Seat patients and effectively guide doctor from one patient to another. • Instruct patient/parents in preventive dental care by demonstrating brushing and flossing techniques and use of disclosing tablets. Explain the common causes of decay and its relationship to general diet. • Foster and model positive empowering attitude towards all patients and staff. • Take total program approach to all problems and problem solving • Complete paperwork/computer work properly and in a timely manner. Maintain accurate files for patients and quality control. • Ensure that the PTN Dental Clinic is compliant with NE radiation regulations and appropriate logs are being maintained. • Perform receptionist duties related to scheduling dental appointments, receiving patients, answering telephone and properly documenting the dental visit for proper billing etc. • Take radiographic images as directed by the dentist. Operate, maintain and adjust dental X-ray equipment and materials. Position patient to achieve proper angles for dental radiographs, Expose intra- and extra-oral radiographs. • Coronal polishing • Take blood pressure for all new patients, surgeries and at 1 year recall. Other times as directed by clinic policy. • Practice friendly, enthusiastic and conversational skills when interacting with the patients and staff. • Write charts using professional language. • Assist hygienists with recording probe depths, taking radiographs, polishing and seating patients as a routine part of the clinical day. • Autoclaves instruments and clean room for all providers according to infection control policies. • Implement proper policy and procedure related to Public Law 93-638 Indian Self-Determination Act and Public Law 101-484 Privacy Act of 1974 and HIPAA. • Maintain a high level of confidentiality • Cooperate with other health professionals and ancillary departments to maintain good working relationships throughout the clinic. • Attend and participate in staff meetings. • Informs provider of any reported or observed health concerns. Render first aid as needed. Detect signs of syncope and shock in patients. • Other duties as assigned. Relationships and Authority: This position has no supervisory authority. The Chief Dental Officer has supervisory authority over this position in relation to personnel issues, clinical and departmental issue. When assisting chair side, the doctor the assistant is working with will have supervisory oversight. Evaluation: The evaluation of work performance will be ongoing and will be carried out by the Chief Dental Officer with input from other providers in the dental clinic. It will include the specific duties and responsibilities of this position description plus employee attitude and general working behavior. Working Environment and Physical Demands: The position is located within a typical dental clinic setting with three operatories. Occupational hazards include but are not limited to the following safety and infection control issues: radiological hazards involved with X-ray procedures, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases and bio-hazardous materials that may be transmitted through bodily fluids and cause risk in the treatment applied to the patient. Work throughout the clinic area. Employee will sit, stand, bend, lift and move intermittently during work hours. Employee is subject to on occasion emotionally upset patients, family members, personnel and visitors. Qualifications: Minimum: 1. High school diploma or GED 2. The ability to carry out the assigned duties of this position independently or with minimal supervision 3. Computer skills or willingness to learn the computer programs of the dental clinic. 4. X-ray certification/coronal polishing certification. 5. Attention to detail, positive customer service, effective teamwork skills and proactive attitude. 6. Knowledge of the dental assisting state statues and codes. 7. Excellent written and oral communication skills. 8. Successfully pass drug and alcohol testing, education, character, and criminal background checks. 9. Able and willing to travel. Preferred: 1. Completed a dental assistant program from an accredited college. 2. Valid driver’s license and be insurable. 3. One year experience working with Native Americans or Native American organizations. 4. One or more years experience as a dental assistant. 5. CPR certification. 6. Experience using Dentrix office management software and Dexis imaging software.,16_KE17,40.htm?jl=3799122216&utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic