The Surgical Assistant will help surgeons during surgery by performing duties such as tissue retraction, intravenous lines and completing documentation.

· Performs preoperative and postoperative duties to facilitate patient care

· Verifies the identity of patients and operative sites

· Discusses with surgeon the nature of the surgical procedure including operative consent and methods of operative exposure

· Diagnostic and laboratory data, patient-advanced directions and other needs

· Monitors and maintains aseptic technique throughout procedures

· Maintains an unobstructed operative field using surgical retractors, sponges and suctioning and irrigating equipment

· Determines availability of necessary equipment and supplies for operative procedures

· Obtains and inspects sterile and non-sterile surgical equipment, supplies and instruments

· Operates sterilization devices

· Monitors patient intraoperative status

· Obtaining dental radiographs and dental imagine

· Complete patient clinical narratives,NE?jid=6fdaae782df404f0&lvk=Ppq0rQk_nkdmyxu8Q8jjFg.–M3tJz_o0w